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Other Costs

Although you may reserve your space well in advance, once you need to use a space, there are other costs associated with interment.

Liners and Vaults
All burials within the turf areas of the cemetery require a liner or vault to protect the urn or casket as well as keep the grounds from settling. The cost of these liners and vaults range from $225. To $750. *Liners are not required in Heritage Farm

This is the charge for opening the plot and then the covering or closing of the plot. These costs range from $295. To $950. For a ground burial and $150. For the granite and Glass Front Niche walls.

Committal Service
We require the Committal Service Fee if you plan to be present for the burial service or Urn Placement.  The Committal Fee is $250. And includes the Canopy, 2 sets of chairs, greens, and lowering devise if required.

Saturday and Overtime
We will take one Saturday service and it must be in the gate by 11 AM.

The Saturday service fee is $495. Overtime is charged Monday through Friday for services lasting beyond 4 PM. Overtime is $135 per hour.

Markers, Vases, Monuments, Benches
We prefer you purchase your markers in our office.  Every penny spent here stays here and goes back into the care for our grounds. Each section has a required marker size and we will help you with this.