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Casket Burial

Sumner Cemetery offers many options to best fit your needs for a casket burial. 

Flush Marker Plot $2150

Flush marker in grass with a vase of white mums.

This option offers a plot of land that will take a flat, or flush, marker.  This is a good option for those wanting a traditional burial while minimizing the costs associated with raised markers.  Flush markers are more economical as they are easier to maintain in the long-run and the purchase of the marker itself is generally less expensive than a raised marker.

Monument/Bench Plots  $3,500

Granite marker for Bishuti, Alif and Salwa with a cross and red and pink carnations in front.

This area is perfect for those liking a traditional above-ground monument or even bench, combining this tradition with modern etching and options.  This area has a cement runner and vase hole already in place, providing the ease of maintenance usually found with flush markers.

People choose this option for traditional raised monuments or more modern benches.

Babyland  $300

Angel statue looking down with green grass and blue sky behind.

This option offers a special section for children.  The smaller plots and vaults offer traditional burials ready for a 16″ x 8″ flush marker. People choose this section, guarded by its own young angel statue, as it is specifically designed for those who leave at a young age and for family members who carry the additional grief of a premature passing.

Extended Land Use $695

This option allows one traditional casket burial and one cremain or two cremains in the same plot of land.  The first would be charged full price and the second $595. Couples often choose this option, especially when one person would like a traditional burial while the other chooses cremation.

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