12324 Valley Ave E, Puyallup WA 98372

Heritage Farm

Some seek a different style than a traditional cemetery. Heritage Farm offers a variety of options for cremains as well as honoring a loved one without remains. With cherry trees, hops, flowers and farm equipment, Heritage Farm honors those who love our region’s farming heritage. This section is beautiful to visit in all seasons and offers a variety of options for planning ahead or immediate needs.

A post arch with the words Heritage Farm hang in metal artwork from the top post. In the distance are trees, shrubs and berms.
The entrance to this section welcomes visitors to a comfortable, beautiful area.
Rows of hop vines hang from poles.
Heritage Farm celebrates the crops of this region, including hops and rhubarb.
Red Farmall tractor sits on a bed of gravel with trees in the background.
A donated antique Farmall tractor adds a signature pop of color to the Heritage Farm.
A wishing well with shrubs around it, the Chapel Mausoleum in the background and a sign for Daffodils in the foreground.
A Wishing Well offers a more budget-friendly and unique option for cremains.